Monday, May 8, 2017

Where is the best patisserie/boulangerie in France?

I'm sure every town and village in France thinks their boulangerie/patisserie is the best. I have to say we have tried a few and when we find a really good one we think it's the best - until we find the next good one. But so far I think the patisserie, Valette, in the town of Branne, east of Bordeaux in the Gironde, has to be our number 1 choice - until we find the next one. 
Who can resist a triple chocolate gateau
Lemon and lime with crunchy little balls added texture to this yummy gateau
This one was my favourite - pear belle helene

Airbrushed edible colouring added the final touch to this mango and passionfruit bavarois

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