Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 3 - 14 June, 2014

Well it rained last night so we are glad that we had the opportunity to raise the wheelhouse yesterday. Today we had only planned on travelling a short distance to a powered visitor mooring at Molesey, where we could also do a leisurely visit at Hampton Court. We were desperately low on water so a mooring with facilities was the plan. After going through the lock at Molesey we didn't like the look of the moorings as they were so close to the lock and the free moorings at Hampton Court were full. Besides this it was still raining so we decided to push on and maybe stay at a marina for a few days. Finally got confirmation of availability at Penton Hook Marina, near Chertsey. So we travelled at a fairly steady rate through a total of 4 locks and 14 miles. Not planning on going at that pace on too many days otherwise we'll be in Oxford in a week.
Along the Thames there are many fantastic homes and some quite unusual house boats. The evidence of the floods can still be seen with some debris sitting in yards that probably belong to holiday home owners.

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