Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 2

After a leisurely start waiting for the tide to turn at Brentford we eagerly went through the second last lock on the Grand Union (thankfully an electric/hydraulic push button one as I don't think I had the strength to wind any more gates) at about lunchtime so that we would be ready to hit the Thames just as the tide was coming in which would hopefully push us along on our way to Teddington Lock. It was such a treat to finally be on the Thames after all the hassle of the Grand Union. Our bow thruster still isn't working but now with bigger locks that are manned, we hope that won't be too much of an issue till we get somewhere to clean it out. With a wide open river we can finally push the revs up on the engine and let the boat get beyond idle. I even had a go at steering but quickly gave the controls back to Kevin as we approached Teddington Lock. I will save that type of manoeuvring to slightly quieter waters.
Once we negotiated our way out of Teddington Lock we decided that we would stay the night on a visitor mooring and have bit of a break and wait for slightly cooler weather before reconstructing the wheelhouse. After about 40 minutes we had it all back in place and Kevin vows that it won't be coming down any time soon. The Capestange bridge on the Canal du Midi will have to wait for at least 12 months I think!!
To celebrate finally leaving the Grand Union Canal and making it onto the non tidal Thames we treated ourselves to a well deserved drink and dinner at a riverside pub and then strolled along the high street in Teddington. To cap off the night we had the treat of an incredible full moon rising over the Thames.
Here's to more relaxed cruising

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