Sunday, March 25, 2018

Food Adventures in Bordeaux - Let's have lunch

Wherever you walk in the centre of Bordeaux you are faced with a huge choice of restaurants. Wine bars, tapas bars, high end restaurants, snack bars, cafes, bistros - the choice is seemingly endless. So far we have tried 2 restaurants and we have either been really lucky or the quality here is second to none.
Le Carreau is a mixture - wine bar, tapas bar and bistro. We had a great meal and the staff were exceptionally friendly. When we told them we were Australian, the owner told us he had a relative living there and kept coming over to chat in between serving customers. Great atmosphere and great food.
Interior of Le Carreau - Kevin blinked 
Three different meals and all tasted great
All our mains were tasty especially the prawns with saffron risotto
Yummy dessert
Pumpkin based Dessert
The other restaurant we have tried was Miles. This small restaurant can only hold about 24 diners with many sitting at a counter looking into a very small kitchen. It's a "trust the chef" style of menu and you really need to book. When you make the reservation you can state any food allergies etc and they will take that into account. Lunch is best value with 4 courses for €29. The whole experience of getting up close to these young chefs is a privilege.

Dishes prepared right in front of us
Sitting at the counter is a real cooking experience

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